How did I get here?

It started with a cast iron skillet.  After cooking a delicious meal for my husband and I, I stood in my kitchen scrubbing the food particles off the pan and wiping it clean.  I noticed a dry spot and so I turned my oven to 200 degrees, I placed the clean pan on the rack in the oven and washed the other dishes.  After about 10 minutes I took my beloved cast iron out of the oven and grabbed the flaxseed oil from the fridge.  I rubbed a pea size amount into the dry spot and wiped off the excess oil.  I turned my oven up to 475 degrees and placed the pan in face down for about an hour, after which I turned off the oven but left my skillet in the oven for another 30 minutes.  Then I took it out and let it cool before placing it back on my rack.
After all that I went back to the couch and continued to sip on my beer and watch TV.  That’s when I realized I just spent more time and energy into caring for a skillet I paid $5 for in goodwill then I do myself.
Later that night I couldn’t sleep.  So I found myself browsing instagram, on a whim I searched for ‘motivation’ the first that came up was a side by side picture of a very overweight woman and then her ‘supposed’ transformation into a very fit woman.  The difference was so dramatic I assumed it was a fake which is why I used quotation marks.  I clicked on the picture none the less, and much to my surprise it seemed to be real, here was a woman who weighed a little more than I do now and lost over 80 pounds in 18 months.  As I browsed her instagram I realized that if she could do it, so could I.
So that’s where I am today.  Well actually that’s where I was two weeks ago.  Today I am on day 15 of working out and conscious eating.  (I did take three rest days, one a week, plus one when I was so sore I substituted a work out for a 45 minute stretching routine, I’m not counting that day as working out.)
I have purchased an 8 week routine and their 4 week meal plan.  I am starting the 8 week routine on Sunday and the 4 week meal plan on Monday.  I decided to purchase them after I did their 5 day challenge for busy people and loved it.
This blog is about my struggles, my commitment and my desire for a better life.  I’m new to this journey but I believe in myself and I think this journal will help me keep track of where I started and where I am going.  I hope that if I can see results as they happen I will be less likely to quit.

    Only time will tell.